clothe in content Challenge Accepted: 14 Day Dress Up Challenge

Challenge accepted: How My 14 Day: Dress Up Challenge Went

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A few weeks ago, I challenged myself to dress up for 14 days, hoping that it would increase my confidence and show me that I should dress like the valuable princesses God says I am. Well those 14 days have passed and I not only survived, but thrived the challenge. Heres are some of my outfits and how it went for me.


Clothe in content challenge accepted

I would try to plan out my outfits at night so I wasn’t squirming around in the morning scraping together random pieces from my closet hoping that it would come together. These outfits did not come naturally. I know we’ve all had those moments where we stood in front of the closet thinking, “What the heck am I gonna wear?”  To then trying on an outfit, switching the shirt, then the pants multiple times until you come to an outfit that you’re happy with. The room left looking like a tornado personally came and threw each piece of clothes outside your closet. I constantly used help from the Clothe in Content
pinterest page and searching on google to find cute things to wear.

A few guidelines I used for my outfits were:

  1. Am I happy with what I am wearing: It’s so easy to wear things because it is “in style”. I found myself wearing things only because it would make others think I was cool and not because it is something I liked.
  2. Do I feel confident in what I am wearing: Being an athlete in high school and having a passionate love for sports really shapes the way I dress. Before this challenge I would have on nike shorts and a t-shirt everyday. I can’t tell you how many times I was asked if I was going workout or if I was an athlete for Tech. (I can’t lie, it was nice being asked that question) However, I began to put my value in keeping a body the same size so people would think I was an athlete. While athletics is a big part of me, my personality isn’t just the athletic side. One requirement for me in this challenge was that I couldn’t wear anything athletic outside the house. I had to make myself think outside the box. To which I asked myself before I left the house, “Do I feel confident in what I am wearing?” Not because I have the body to back it up, but because it gives someone an accurate representation of me.
  3. Does what I am wearing glorify God: This was the most important question to me. What I wore had to glorify God. I wanted to show myself and others that it is possible to be modest and cute. There was one specific time where I had on a cute black v-neck shirt. When I looked in the mirror my eyes immediately went to my cleavage. If that was the first thing I went to, I imagined it would be the first thing others would look at also.I knew this wasn’t glorifying God. We are not just our bodies, but the spirit that is within it. When people see me I want them to see that spirit God created and not just the physical body He created.

clothe in content challenge accepted


Here are some of the things I learned along the way:

  • Brand name clothes take away my ability to show my own personality. Most name brand stuff is like that (especially the ones with a large logo somewhere on it). While I still wore name brand stuff I made sure to wear only the items I liked for its characteristics, not because of the name attached to it.
  • My favorite thing was being able to create outfits out of the clothes I already had. We all have those pieces of clothing in our closet that we almost never wear. Thinking that we should get rid of it, but when we go to take it out of the closet it quietly whispers at only a level we can hear: “No don’t take me out, you bought me for a reason. You’ll wear me at some point..eventually,” and once again it convinces us to hold onto it. I got super excited when I created outfits using these slick talking pieces. Increasing my outfit arsenal without spending any extra money felt so good.  
  • I began to feel proud of myself and what I was wearing. My value was not in the outfit; I just felt proud of the time and effort that it took to create my outfits. I held my head up high knowing this valuable girl was confident and cute.

clothe in content challenge accepted


Please feel free to share difficulties you went through or things you learned from this challenge. I would love to hear and be encouraged from what God showed you throughout these 14 days.

Stay Clothed In Your Crown,

Love Emily

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